Problem with Navigation after cold and dark

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Hey peeps,

Just a quickie - I have just done a cold and dark start in my PSS 757, and I have got everything up and running apart from my flight direction and map. (see screenie).

Can anyone shed any light on what I have missed?


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You mean the problem is that the primary flight displays not displaying anything, or...? I didn't quite understand the problem you're having but this is the only thing I noticed in the screenshot.

When using the PSPanel, you're required to align the IRS (Inertial Reference System is what it stand for if I am not mistaken) before the PFD's will display anything. Don't know if the a/c you are using is equipped with something like that though.

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Apoligies, yes this is the problem and I have had a quick look around the AC, and there is no referance to IRS 😞

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well, this looks like something that either someone who knows this A/C (not me unfortunately) will have to answer, or has to be looked up in the manual.

I don't suppose the knobs located under the engine instrumentation have anything to do with it (I see a label "Display")...?

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the PSS 757 does have instrument line-up (IRS) Wink

also if you've started with cold and dark by default you may have to assign a key to 'avionics on/off' - this switch is only apparent in small aircraft but affects the big uns in FS.

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