Best Realism settings for flying helicopters ?

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Hi all,

after a long time and a huge computer upgrade 🙂 i started to explore the world of Flight Simulator (have FS9).
Lately I got interested into helicopters...

In my opinion the flight models (globally, the behaviour of the copters) with the realism setting maxed out (hard) is not realistic (i also heard and read it in few places) .

So the question is : What are the best realism settings for FS9 (FS2004) to get the most real / realistic helicopter behaviour ?

(they can't be that hard to fly like with realism:hard in FS9 in real life 🙂 )

Thanks in advance 😀

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They used to have lessons here, and now it looks as if they have training videos.
Give it a try, I find the helicopters a difficult aircraft to handle.


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It really helps, they know what to do on hovecontrol.

The copters are that hard to fly but there are two things to help in FS9.

adjust the realism level ("general" slider one point left [from the most-right = hardest]

and adjust the sensitivity of your joystick (sensitivity : max , null zone : none)

It really helps and now its possible to learn copter flying 🙂

(offcourse the best is to have joystick with thrust and pedals, but I got joystick with rudder and thrust and it works great, nevertheless you have to got something to steer the rudder [its really important with copters], either on joystick or some keys on the keyboard)

Thanks again !

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