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Snake Temple Landing Problem

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ebgod Trainee

Does anyone else get this: when completing the intermediate level with the Grumman Goose that involves supply delivery and a search for a snake temple, I land at the indicated airport, but the mission doesn't end. I just sit on the tarmac with 2 dead engines (one of them smoking like mad). Is this just me or has anyone else seen it and if so does anyone have a solution?

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I have found the temple and watched it blow up however when I`m off back to the final airport i can`t seem to make it as when the engines fail i can`t seem to glide long enough

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ebgod Trainee

That part's easy, you just have to gain a fair amount of altitude before approaching the airport. From my experiments is seems that the events are triggered by proximity.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

I fly this mission but i hadn't finished yet...(Real life priorities 😕 )
I save it Before i take of for the Anaconda Temple...I ll keep on my mind to give a feedback here...If i manage to end it after all these i have heard here... Ninja Fear


i finished it fine, i landed and stopped at the end of the runway and then the archaeologist thanks me and success!

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