Microsoft Flight Simulator X not running rite Guest

When I Start Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Standard)
It starts with a split screen the plane on the top and the
Sky on the bottom and every thing on the left side of the

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RadarMan Chief Captain

What are your system specs.



Might want to begin using a spell checker.

"Rite" isn't a word in the language I speak.

lemonwonder Guest

My guess would be broken hardware, or some driver issues, may not be translating codec right. To bad ya cant su microsoft, they neva sed that some cards wood work and some woodnt etc


wots wong wiv yer spell fingy.....y dint yer chek it b4 yer post yer sms speak.

lol....this is mad 😂

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Anonymous wrote:

"Rite" isn't a word in the language I speak.

It is in English though.

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