More PMDG 737 problems

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Last night I got a route into the FMC after take off i put the LNAV on and it pretty much flew its self..

Tonight and all day I have been trying to do it again and the LNAV doesn't work. I have an active route but the auto pilot wont follow it.

I must be missing something obvious ..

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Are you activating the autopilot?

Download this and print it out and fly it a few times.

Thats what I did now I can hop in the 737 without even a checklist and fly easily.

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Thanks for that it helped..

Just finished a flight from London Gatwick -> Aldergrove (Belfast)

Are random failures buit into the PMDG aircraft?

Mid-flight I lost Auto Throttles for some reason???

1st approach the AP disconnected on ILS approach I think this is because I intercepted way to high.. so I declared a missed approach

On 2nd approach again I lost ILS autoland, so I flew her in manually in a crosswind, rain and 4mile visibility.

I love Active Sky.. should of known better than to fly within the UK tonight looking out my window lol..

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