Kneeboard Kills Game!

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I have a problem...
After I begin my flight and get the autopilot on, I want to check the kneeboard to make sure I didn't miss any radio instructions. So I go to Aircraft>Kneeboard>Radio. The Kneeboard appears on the screen correctly, but when I go to scroll, I click on the scroll bar, and the screen turns black. Next, a message comes up that says FS has encountered an error and needs to shut down, so it closes and then reboots. This has happened a few times.

Do any of you know how to fix this?


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7dream8liner7 Guest

Sorry, I said game. That is not what I meant. I meant FS. I'm too used to my computer having problems with games like CoD2.

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RadarMan Chief Captain
7dream8liner7 Guest

Thanks Radarman. Radar

Jamie4590 Guest

Recently played CoD2. WOW!!!!!

7dream8liner7 Guest

Recently played CoD2. WOW!!!!!

What do you mean by "WOW!!!!!"?

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mossy First Officer

yeh i have this problem. I think my pc cant handle the kneeboard with eveything else, but im getting new memory asap so tht will hopfull all change. I just keep a good eye on the radio to make sure I miss nothing

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