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Im having problems with ILS now.

Never had ILS problems before but something has upset them and i dont know what.

When i come to descend now im either landing short of the runway or not in line. Sometimes I dont even pick the ILS system up.

Everything is set on Autopilot correct.

Last one i did was Heathrow ILS runway 9L, which Course HDG 092 and Nav 1 number 110.30

And I fell short of the runway again.

I have installed Fs2004, Active Sky 4/5, Ultimate Traffic, UkAirports, Fs terrain and fs pasengers

Planes I use is Ariane 737-400, Airbus 330, Altitude Concorde

Can someone tell me whats happened and its not just on UK airports its messed up on every runway which i have flown too.


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Are you using autopilot?
1) First problem could be that you are engaging the autopilot too early. Only engage the autopilot when you are roughly 10nm from the runway or have been cleared to land.

2) You could also be on the glideslope too fast. Make sure you are not faster than 190KIAS maximum.

3) Make sure you have the GPS/NAV switch on NAV.

Try those and let us know how you get on 😉

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obee100 Trainee

Yes everything is set correctly

Just not picking up the ILS at all.

NAv is on, Approach is enabled but still not putting me onto the glidescope seems to think the runway is shorter than it is.

Would reinstalling Fs2004 fix the problems? and would i loose any of my setting if i reinstalled.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I've never heard of complete ILS failure so I wouldn't know, I'd wait for someone else's opinion just in case 😉

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

let's see...i'll run through some problems that i've had

1. are you too close to pick up the ILS? You need to get under it, most aircraft can only intercept the ILS from below.

2. Sounds dumb, but are you on the wrong runway? Like if you have RWY 32 and 32R, but 32 dont have ils, are you on 32 instead?

3. Try different aircraft a few times.

spuddi Guest

if it is falling short, is it because the alitmeter is set to the wrong pressure setting?

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