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well guys, i could really use some more help. im not sure how this is happening or why, but randomly, especially when im on final, or even about to touchdown, my fs9 will shut down. well specifically my monitor shuts down and displays the message " out of range" or "no signal" and a blank screen. to remdey this i have to restart the computer and it usually resets my driver settings. im just learning the jets, ils landings and such and having alot of fun with this, but i have to admit im getting frustrated with my cpu. here are my system specs, i appreciate any help you gfuys are willing to give...
hewlet packard pc
windowx xp home
2.2 giaghertz amd ahtlon xp
200gb hard drive
radeon 9550 graphics card
i have tried all sorts of settings, turning them down thinking my cpu cant handle them, but this happens even at low settings, i can get 30fps, but it usually runsn at around 20. thanks for your time guys

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it shouldn't crash I suppose...not for the specs at least.

Is there any pattern you can discover, perhaps at the same geographical place, or when you perform a specific action...?

Does your eventlog show anything useful?

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thank you ard. through much searching, and more luck i suspect it seems that the poor performance was linked to my antivirus avg free software. i wiped my cpu clean and went with the reinstall and after trial and error and not loading up avg, the program runs much better even at max settings. i did turn it off when installing fs9 and even when using it but that didnt work for me. so now im happy, i just need to find some virus ware that i can use without messing up my flying! thank you for replying!

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