Is FS Manager still supported?

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Tried to run mine and it comes up with an error message that the version is old and to get a new one from, but the website seems to have gone and I have the latest version (2.😎 that is on avsim, so, is my FS Manager dead?
Is Rana still doing this stuff?

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I sure hope so, and that somebody can help because I'm getting the exact same error. I've got loads of planes 'in the hanger' and only tried a little earlier and found the program thinks its out of date Embarassed

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I've got the same problem. I had a PM a while ago from someone who used to be in personal contact with the designer. He seemed to think that as he(the designer) was in the process of moving he may not have had the chance to issue an update. I hope so otherwise i'm going to have a hell of a job getting rid of all my unused gauges!

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I found an easy workround, though not elegant. You need only change the comoputer date to a year earlier and the program works fine, bit still putting in the bit that stops it working altogether, why not just have a reminder?
Ah well, for a free program it is still first class so best not complain eh? 🙂

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