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zanettelondon Guest

Hi Guys.

I got the Brasilia (SBBR) scenery from WorldSceneries, but I am facing a problem, the AI traffic is floating, the planes are at the assigned gates but way above it, as I mentioned, floating from the ground.

Do you guys know how to get this problem solved, it's an awesome scenery.I tried the customer service from WS but no reply so far.


Aldrei Zanette
London - UK

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tomthetank Chief Captain

It could be a couple of things
It could be a bug in the program,check for a fix
Have you added any mesh scenery or should you have ?(did any come with the scenery)
Also try moving the Brasilia scenery up or down in the "Scenery settings" page in FS(ie if its at the top,move it down to the 2nd spot )

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