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hey gents,

This has been circling my mind in a holding pattern for a while, and I'm still uncertain about it. I figured I'd come to you all for your opinion about it.

I have been thinking about making a full Level-D 767 video tutorial which will be released in various segments. The tutorial will consist of this.

You'll be flying the aircraft in both the panel AND VC on a short 1 hour flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. You'd learn about:

~A full power-up from a cold and dark state
~COMPLETE FMC SETUP (that could be a tutorial in itself) 😀
~A full overview of autopilot and the FMC
~All systems and features neccessary for basic operation will be covered
~How to pushback
~After-start checklists
~Traditional autopilot flight
~ and (omfg)...a full CAT III autoland!

If this sounds interesting to you, just PM me or leave a coment here with your thoughts. Thanks very much.

n8laker Guest

thats a great idea but the people at angle of attack have beat you to it

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pilatflyr First Officer

of course, that will cost you money. this was inspired by that. that one costs a bunch, this is just something for fun. not an interactive tutorial, but the next best thing?

n8laker Guest

Well if you got the time then go ahead and do it. It will benefit all the Level D users out there. i also have the level d but i cant fly it properly... my main problem is when i am programming the fmc and i have to choose a rw to land on... its says da rw is 4989 nm away. eg i select to landing at 13L at JFK the fmc will say dats its 4986nm away. It does that for every airport. Any ideas.

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pilatflyr First Officer

it depends. if you're setting it up at the origin airport, that's because the runway itself is that many miles away from your location.

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krpowers Trainee

n8laker: Is your IRS (lat / long) aligned for your current location? Origin airport entered in the FMC?

n8laker Guest

yea it is...even if select the approach during cruise it still says 4896 nm away. I dont know why. The level D is such a nice bird but i cant fly it becuase of that.

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pilatflyr First Officer

make sure that you're in map mode when you look on the main display. verify the checklists also

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Charlie10 First Officer

The experience and knowledge you gather from such an undertaking will be worth your efforts. It will probably be better than a big$ package in many aspects. Good Luck

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