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I have a new 7600gt installed in my system. I have put AF to 8x and AA to 4x and all detail on ultra high and get ground frame rates of 40-50 in the PMDG and air FPS of near around 70-80. I was slightly worried with the coolling of the card though as at idle its at 60c and peak load i have seen it go to about 80c. Is this ok?

Anyway my system specs are:
AMD athlon 3200+
1gb RAM

Get this card its fab!!!

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This card is usually capable of coping with temperatures of 75' C when gaming. I have seen temperatures of 80' C quite alot. Extra cooling would not be too bad an idea. Try and fit an extra 1GB of RAM it would help the performance of your computer. Not essential but you would probably find it makes scenery smoother in loading.

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80 degrees is fine for the card to run-but just because it CAN run at that temp, doesnt mean it should. E.g you dont drive a car going at 8000rpm just because the guages say it can go that much. Remember, any cooling is good cooling, and will help improve the components life 😉

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i would reccomend this

I currently have this on my 7600GS, and it changed the idle temp from 50-60 to about 35, and the load temp from 70 to 40 degrees. Very effective, and its fan is quieter than the stock on on the geforce 😎

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