I know this isnt the correct forum to post this in but i need to have an answer quickly. I want to buy the 7600GT BUT my power supply is too small. I can buy a new power supply no problem but what i am wondering is, where does the PCI-E x16 slot get its power from. I have looked on my motherboard and cant find the VGA power connecor anywhere. Does the PCI-E take the power from the 20/24 pin motherboard connector from the PSU. I realise that the 7600GT doesnt need power directly as it consumes it from the PCI slot, but my main question is, will buying a PSU of about 400-500w be good enough to power the pci slot without my motherboard having a VGA slot thingy for the 6 pin PCI-E power connector. ❓

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please...surely someone has the 7600GT to use FS. Does it draw power from the main motherobard connector or need a seperate lead?? ❓ ❓

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FYI the 7600GT does not require a power lead off of the PSU. It gets all it's power from the PCI express slot.

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