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i love my fs9 and i bought fsx unfortunatly my system isnt the best i have pentium 4 1g ram and a 32mb nvidia card im mainly interested in the new missons for fsx rather than the graphis is it possible to use the fs9 cfg file rather than the fsx file i only get 8fps with stuttering in fsx and i would like to enjoy the missons im not to concered with the graphics. is it possible to get the same graphics in fsx that i had in fs9. also does anyone have any tweeks for the fps in fsx ive used the default.xml tweek and the terrain tweeks as well. thanks for anyhelp in this matter.

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Regrettably a 32mb card has no chance with FSX and the .cfg files will not be interchangeable

You need at least a 512mb card

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thats what i was affraid of is it possible to change the video card in a laptop? i have a inspiron 5150 thanks

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