Every Free Flight starts with engine at full throttle...

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Whenever I start a new Free Flight the engine, or engines, are at full throttle and the plane is already moving as soon as the display appears. I start each mission with the throttle on the CH Yoke all the way off and the mixture all the way lean and the CH Pro Pedals brakes hard on before I press fly now.

I can cut the engine with the throttle (I have to move it to full throttle and then back to idle) but by then the plane has moved a considerable distance even though I have the brakes on hard.

This was an intermittent problem but has now become a full time event.

How do I get the missions to start at idle?

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While this may not be exactly what your looking for it's a start.



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azabro Trainee

Happens to me aswell! and it is really annoying

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