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Keltic Guest

I must have been good because Santa brought me FSX for Christmas, but not so good as it was only the standard version. Is there any way I can upgrade my standard version to the Deluxe version? 😞

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Yes you can if you still have the receipt take it back to the shop and change for the deluxe version, if not you will have to buy it.
There is no ugrade.

I am a bit puzzeled as to why microsoft released 2 versions anyway, I know they whated to attract new customers to FS but iam sure it would be more cost effected to release the deluxe version. The cost between the two is not alot and could have priced it between the too.

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Is it really worth getting the deluxe for 20 more dollars? I think the deluxe has some more missions, which get boring after the first week, and a few more airplanes which can be downloaded off the internet.. and maybe you can notice the graphic differences if you have a l33t computer. (like me) If you have a hax computer that can play this game, get the deluxe,(thats why I got it, If I had a crappy computer I woulda just bought the reg)

Running Guest

Being able to play control tower in multiplayer could be a reason to buy the deluxe version.
Sharing an airplane is another extra deluxe feature.
I don't think the graphix are better with the deluxe version, or do you meant he extra scenery at a few airports?

Keltic Guest

Many thanks for your replies. I am new to FS but since installing and running it I can't get enough of it. My daughter bought mine from PC World (UK) and paid £49.99. It wasn't until I got into it that I realised there was a deluxe version with a rrp of £49.99. Unfortunately PC World don't sell the deluxe version so I have not been able to exchange it. Anyway it's not a big deal as I am having great fun and lots to learn, but thanks once again for the comments. 😎

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