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What views do you guys put on a dual monitor setup? I've just ordered a new
system so I will have two monitors until I sell my old system. I have 21" WS
and a 18" 4:3.

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Usually I have cockpit or reduced cockpit view on the main with the gps and radiostack (to use the autopilot mostly) on the 2nd monitor. Also I include the radio comm window on the 2nd monitor. It's pretty much filled up at that point unless I make things smaller.

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I have two monitors and put three outside spot views on the right hand monitor. use [ then drag them across and select spot for views left, right and from the rear. put gps, radios and throttles underneath. The left hand monitor should be for your forward cockpit view only. What's wanted of course is six monitors displaying a full and true panoramic view.
1. Captains - West View
2. Captains - North West View
3. Captains - Forward View
4. Flt Off - Forward View - also for instruments
5. Flt Off - North East View
6. Flt Off - East View
Perhaps for the next FS release.

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