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When using the autoland feature in the PMDG-NG 737, everything works correctly, except it won't line me up with the runway exactly.

I have both the CMD A and B on, and the APP on. When I first hit the APP button, the plane will make it's initial bank correctly, but it will overshoot the line with the runway a little bit, then correct itself back to level flight, and never corrects again to line up with the runway. It's off by about 10 degrees right.

If I just let it go, then it hits the glideslope correctly, and will flare correctly. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I've tried at several different airports with the exact same result. (I took a screen shot if I could figure out how to post it here)


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porkapatamus Guest

I uninstalled everything I had related to FS9, and reinstalled just FS9 and PDMG. Autoland works like a charm now. Kinda weird...

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