PMDG 747 and flight plan problem

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I have recently ran across a problem in the PMDG 747-400 and a manually generated flight plan. My plan is as follows: kabe rwy 24 shagy jetta whino cavdi taxue uducy jnice kdca rwy 1. When the Navigation Display shows the legs, it shows the waypoint uducy and then the magenta line goes off the screen to the right. The PMDG MD-11 does not show this error. I have used FSCommander and FSBuild 2 to generate the flight plans. The waypoint lat/lon shows the correct position in the listing under NavData wpnavfix.txt. I have looked at everything and it appears that it is a problem in the PMDG 747-400 but since I have no source code I cannot be 100% sure. I wonder if someone would create this flight plan and can verify what I have found. Thanks

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I finally found the problem. FSCommander covers the waypoint TAXUE on their map and can also generate the flight plan for the PMDG 747. However, when I use the waypoints it has generated it fails in FSBuild. The problem was that my waypoints contained in FSBuild do NOT contain the waypoint TAXUE, therefore when I generate the plan it shows TAXUE in the FMC of the 747 but no speed or altitude information. When I inserted the TAXUE waypoint including the lat/lon, the flight plan then works just fine. My problem was I could not see the flight plan magenta track as it approached the final waypoints on the Navigation Display in the 747 so I could not tell what was happening due to the fact that the waypoints were so close together I could not tell where the error was coming from.

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I had no idea, glad you solved it yourself...good feeling.

Thanks for posting the fix, it'll help others.


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I have had this problem for years. I had flight simulator X for a time and the pmdg 747 v2 flew perfectly in that version. Then fsx steam came out i got that and still wanted the older version pmdg 747 v2 I found it looked right and performed better. Just wouldnt stay on magenta line and impossible to autoland. But today I sorted it out. All you do is instead of activating LNAVĀ  ANDĀ  VNAV Just do LNAV ONLY and control altitude manually. Autopilot will still operate normally as will the fmc and you can still autoland.

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