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How do you move the starting postion with the VC?
I know once you go into the VC you can go up/down left/right forwards/backwards by using different combinations of CTRL shift, enter and the bckspace buttons.
But I want to be able to edit the starting postion.
Some aircraft have the VC starting position too far forwards and every time you load up the aircraft and go to the VC you have to move backwards.
Also it would be nice to start in the co-pilot seat sometimes so once i know how to change it I could move myself over to the right.
I'm guessing that its some kind of entry in the aircraft.cfg but need to know which?

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spuddi Guest

found it.
in the aircraft.cfg there is an entry for views, see the below for the default 737-400
eyepoint=43.7, -1.31, 3.7 //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum

the first one relates to forwards and backwards (the bigger the number the further forwards.
the second one relates left/right, o is in the centreline a minus figure takes you left and a plus takes you right.
the last one relates to height.

so if you want to start off in the co-pilot seat just change the second figure from a negative to a postive and then you will be spot on as below

eyepoint=43.7, 1.31, 3.7 //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum

all i need to do for the aircraft that start me off too far forwards is take off .1 or .2 from the first figure


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