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Everyone seems to like the PMDG 737 and it's wonderful VC.Well, i've found a 737 that has a DVC {Dynamic Virtual Cockpit with very similar standards to PMDG,moving pilot head, moving pilotarmrest,moving pilot seat etc....

An add-on texture:

Download link:

Extra Textures link:

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That's probably my favorite freeware 737, but the PMDG is just exquisite...

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(me big alaska airlines flight sim fan)
..............yes the 737EXP by Moach is nice........but i gotta stick with Kittyhawks 73G's..and 738's........i'm glued to 'Winglets'.......i even want winglets on the FFX 737-400's........
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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

I do have the 737 Experience and its update (yes, there is one) I think it just gives you two more repaints. Well, it is a reeeally nice aircraft. The model and the interior are great!

I don't fly it too much, because I fly mostly Airbus.

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