Do Not Buy Capt Sim Legendary C-130

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As of 2/1/07: Sometime around 1/19/07, I purchased the complete Legendary C-130 product line (5 downloads total) and I have not installed them correctly as of today. I am not satisfied with the Technical Support Group responses, they write back to me (in my opinion, in an unprofessional manner) in terms like read the manual, why do you need …, and they send me a menu option that doesn’t work correctly(ACE) in my downloads. Oh, apparently one has to download and install the Legendary C-130 Pro FIRST! Well, that information was not include in the original download instructions. Tech Support assumes that the general public (like me) knows how to work with crypt instructions. Well, I am testimony that that is not the case. I ask for help and TS tells me to read the manual (150 plus pages). Well, thanks a lot for that rousing support. I ask for specific (as thorough as I can make it) information like keyboard commands to easily fly the models and I feel that I am disregarded or ignored completely.
At this point, I want a CD of my order or my money back.

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I wrote to CaptSim:
Should I uninstall the 5 downloads that I purchased and start over?
I really can download stuff over the internet, but your product is difficult.
I am sorry that I got bent out of shape, but I really want to fly my C-130E - easily and have fun with it. As of this writing, I am not.
I'm sorry again and I was probably out-of-line when I use 'unprofessional'!
Thank You for your help!
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So are you saying that you have it installed now? If not its a bit odd that it has not installed. I have the 757 product line and it was a doddle to install.

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Hey EGNRflyer
I received NEW instructions from CaptSim and am now completely satisfied with results on my C-130E package.
I think that sometimes downloading people think that we (general public) know what we are doing. Well, I am proof that I don't know what I am doing and I need 'baby steps' instructions for downloading stuff. I am ok for now and I enjoy the results!
I will buy other add-ons from CaptSim in the future (FSX C-130E Hint-Hint).

Sorry for the 'bad mouth' treatment!

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