PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies -- God, someone help me.

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So, I started out on a mission a while ago.
I downloaded the paintkit and figured "Hey, I'll paint the GE Engine Testbed 747!"
And I did. It looked quite nice, too.
I did everything I was supposed to, changed the engine color, updated the Externals, chopped up the FUSEs, and saved as a PSD; then a Photoshop-32bit BMP.
Copied the default PMDG textures, overwrote with modified ones, changed the aircraft.cfg and saved.

Bam. Right to the desktop when I selected that aircraft.

I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

So I figured "Hey, ImageTools might be helpful." Loaded the FUSE into it [.PSD]; saved as the default BMP [24bit] and loaded the left fuse only [as a test] into the folder.
PUTTY PLANE! The textures failed to load.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong on this one? I'm completely new to aircraft repaints and this was my very first attempt.

Any help is more than welcome and thanked in advance for.

Rich S

[Email@ -- B738 at verizon dot net]

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In this case I would strongly suggest you follow a proper tutorial written by those who are experienced.

➡ (dead link removed)

The above link will take you to the POSKY Painters Learning Center. First topic, top of the page: Painting Tutorials.
These tutorials will tell you which Posky paintkits to download and work with.

You'll soon be working overtime 😀


As the query from RichS(5971), was specifically in reference to the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies which has a quite different paintkit from the Posky 747 and following the Posky Tutorial, would only be of marginal help and in some parts, confusing.

RichS(5971), - I note that you do not mention saving the texture file as Extended bmp format - this is the format that is required for FS9 to recognise the texture. You require a free small program named dxtBMP.exe available on Martin Wright's site (Google 'MW Graphics') - open your bmp file and save as 'Extended bmp in DXT3 format'
Hope this helps.

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