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My new user account is currently in the approval stage but since I have the day off today I'd like to get started.

I'm new flight sims and have just installed FS2004 on my rig. Can someone reccommend any must have add-ons or downloads that I should start out with. I'm interested in improved scenery over the defaul MS stuff or anything else to improve the experience. What would you reccommend ??

Also, I'm assuming that this program has been patched by MS, where would I find any patches if they exist ???

Any help/advice that you can offer will be much appreciated.

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Ooops wrong forum. Can a mod put this in the FS2004 forum ??

Thank you much

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Flight Simulator 2004 Update v9.1

MSFS Gateway(site with links to many FS sites)


Thanks CRJCapt 🙂

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While i bow to CRJCapts' wisdom 😀 he omitted to tell you of the two best sites for free FS downloads!
If it's not here it probably does'nt exist (with a few exceptions but as you're new dont worry about it).
There is enough material on these sites to keep you going for quite a while! 😳

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They both are included in the MSFS gateway site but considering their importance, singling them out is wise, thanks Welshflyer. 👍

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Sorry CRJCapt! I should have known you would'nt have omitted these. Embarassed

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