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Hi guys! I havent been on for a while, mainly because of school, and not being on my computer a lot lately, also having a lot of activities to do, such as piano lessons, drum lessons, wednesday night music, and a lot of other things, but my birthday is in four months! In June ...And...for my birthday, I am getting computer parts to build my own computer! I have to do some things for my parents, though, but after that, I'll get them! Here are the specs...any opinions?

Motheboard: LGA 775 Intel 975X
CPU: Intel Pentium D 945 3.6 GHz, Dual Core, (2x2) 4MB L2 cache
Video Card: NVidia Geforce 7900 GS
Memory: OCz DDR2, 2GB, PC2, 800MHz
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE16 400GB HD (I might get two)
DVD/CD Drive: LITE-ON 16X Internal DVD Burner/Reader/CD Burner/Reader
(I might get two)
Operating System: Windows XP Pro, OR Windows Vista Ultimate (Still deciding)
Power Supply: OCZ Game Xtream 700W Silent Power Supply

Thanks guys!


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I'd try and get an 8800 if I were you - might as well have the dx10 capability when the fsx patch is released

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i was thinking about the 8800...i might get it

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think future!

CPU: Dont get a Pentium D. They run hot, and theyre fairly slow. Get a Core2Duo E6300.

Video Card: You do NOT want to get a Directx 9 video card, then find it is limited when DX10 comes out. Get an 8800, or wait for Nvidias lower spec range (8600, 8300 etc) to come out. Also, maybe wait for ATI to make a DX10 card, as a comparison

RAM: Get 4GB. It will be handy... trust me

HDD: Get two if you have the money. Can never have too much hdd space 😛

DVD: N/A Do whatever

OS: Definately Vista. Everything will move to Vista in the near future, and you definately dont want to be left behind.

Power supply: Go for 800W if you can

Mobo: Get something with SLI, then hook up 2 8800 cards. Also handy for the future when they make SLI compatible games

Just my suggestions Wink That is ofcourse, if you have the $$$

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thanks for the suggestions...I might as well get 4GB, your right it would do me good. But the reason im thinking about not that high specs now, is because its a big investment to get it now, and when I want to upgrade, I only need 200-300 dollars to upgrade one part, so I don't really know. But good suggestions

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i would definately wait for the "next generation" of stuff to come out. E.g. the future DX10 cards will bring the price down heaps. The new quad core CPU's will bring down the price of dual cores. 1.2Ghz RAM will help with the price of that 800MHz ones aswell. 😉

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