Multiple monitors to play flight simulator 2004

Van_Helden Guest

Someone can help me?

I have 1 monitor already and i want to put 2 more monitors to play FS2004. What do i have to do, what do i have do buy ? and do i put the left view in the left monitor, and the right on the right monitor.


Nelson Pereira

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If anything that you need isn't in this link please fell free to ask more questions.
By the way you will take a FPS hit by using 2 or more monitors on 1 card.


Van_Helden Guest

hi RadarMan

What is the FPS?

I checked out the link you said. I have to take a try and see...

Thanks for your support 😉 .

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The higher it is (27 and up) the smoother the flight, you don't get stuttering.


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Hi Van_Helden
There are video cards with multiple video out for several monitors.
Other possibility to add a PCI card to your computer (expensive and not very good)
As RadarMan mentioned before to open several windows at the same time taking a lot of “energy” from your computer so you will need a strong one and not only video card.
U can see some of the effects by opening on your present monitor 2 other windows by hitting “[“ key twice and see what happened . How to set the 2 new windows to left and right view I will help u out if u do not know.
By hitting twice "Shift Z" U can see your frame rate at the upper left corner in red text. "U have to know U are talking heavy money"

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You are going to find that running two monitors on the same PC isn't really practical and is more trouble than it's worth. You would have to run FS in windowed mode and undock the views and drag them to the second monitor not to mention your system resources will be practically cut in half.

A better solution is to run a second networked PC or laptop using WideFS. You will not be able to run a second view on this PC but you can run just about anything else that runs outside of FS like Active Sky, Serv Info, Squawkbox FS Commander, etc.

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