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Wind problems!

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Hi there,

Does anyone of you have such problem,I am using Real weather updating every 15 minutes,but the shit is that,almost every time I fly and when I am at cruise altitude winds changing every minute,slowing or increasing plane speed,so it's not like in real world ❓

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jelami First Officer

I htink you meant to say it is just like real world. The wind rarely stays constant for more than a few minutes.
I think the weather picks up a range of velocity for that time period, so the the strength and direction should vary.
I sail all the time, and fly when I can, and trust me the wind is almost never constant.

Xpilot Guest

Ok,maybe it's not constant,but,I mean when I fly in real world like passenger I almost never feel plane movement while it cruising,but here in MSFS with every wind change plane speed increases or decreases and it moves from one side to another like you are in turbulence and I think if it'd be in real world all passengers would be scary,one time I remember when plane moved from one side to another,then Captain announced that in further 15 minutes there are wind change,please for your safety fasten your seat belts.

mystere Guest

When you cruise in real life at high altitude, the airlines try to take advantage of the jet stream. But, when the aircraft enter or exit a jet stream, this one is shaked by the high wind speed differrential, like if you are walking along a river than you walk in the river... the water make you almost fall on your butt if the speed of water is sufficient. For aircraft, it's the same thing, but with airflows!!!

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