PMDG- 747-400 PANEL **issue** please help

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Well, see.. i purchased the pmdg 747-400 package from the company a week ago. I was soo excited to fly that big bird!! however**** when i installed it, and flew it.. seconds later in the game the Panel readings turn off on them selves.. i dont know why this is happening.. ICAS and F/D screen... EVERYTHING turns off, and i cant set it back on.. this happens everytime i chose this aircraft, and start the game... about 20-30 seconds, it will happen.. first 30 seconds everything is fine.. then the panel just shutsdown :S :S...

Any1 has this problem too??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!
you can contact me at

or here too.. I REALLY want to fix this


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Hi, I don't know anything about the aircraft but it 'might' be the electrical system overloading and shutting down which is causing the screens to go off. Do you get any failures when it happens?

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It's a product validation problem, you'll have to contact PMDG.

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