FS9 would not load up!

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My FS9 doesnt want to load up, i click on the icon so i can start the sim... it sounds like it is loading and you see the Flight Simulator 2004 screen on the screen. After a while it just stops and disappears, it just doesnt want to load up. i was ok until friday night, after that just couldnt open. i restarted my computer and still nothing, i dont know what could be wrong! i tried to use another CD thinking that the one i use could be scratched. i changed Cd places, and still nada, i need some help, the main thing is that i dont want to reinstall it again because i have a lot to install so if there is a way that i can fix it i need to know.
Someone please help.
Thanks 🙂

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I recently had the same prob and it seems to be down to a freeware scenery add on that i put on. Have you recently put on any add ons? I had to wipe everything off and re install to get it to work. I have not put the scenery add on back on and all is well (Touch wood!)

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I didn't have the exact same problem but when I load mine a couple of warnings pop up saying that it won't load some add on stuff. But that's about it, it still opens normally.

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