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How do you install add on smoke?

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How do you install add on smoke? iv tryed and tryed agina and i lisen to what ever the readme says to do but i just dont see it working,HELP!

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What file are you using and where did you get it from?

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i have installed the britin/french smoke

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I can't have a look at it because I don't have that file and you won't tell me where you got it from.

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Idea ok,
depends on what aircraft and contact points.
the smoke goes into yer effects folder in fs2002 and 4
remember exact name for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in your aircraft CFG. notepad file , just before [EFFECTS];
(always make a copy(back up) of the original and put it in a safe place in yer documents); im using a example of a DC-9-51
smoke.0= 2.60, -38.00, -8.80, SMOKE_JT8D
smoke.1= 2.60, -38.00, 8.80, SMOKE_JT8D
38.00, and 8.80are your contact points at the rear of the motor.(were the smoke should come from) . SMOKE_JT8D is my smoke file and you would use the exact name of the one you installed in your effects folder.
If you know your contact points under that heading in your aircraft CFG.
then you can easily play around with the figures and get the smoke properly lined up with the motors. im suprised the smoke that you have downloaded doesn't properly explain?
i like to put a explosion and fire and black smoke on a engine for a kewl affect. and shut down that motor and try to complete my flight with a motor out,!!! 😀 😀 happy flyin
oh ya "smoke.0=" yer number 1 motor, "smoke.1=" yer number 2 motor, ect.

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