Do you have addons on your flightsim?

Do you have addons on your flightsim?
Yes, all payware
 4%  [ 1 ]
Yes, all freeware
 13%  [ 3 ]
Yes, both payware and freeware
 81%  [ 18 ]
No, all default right from the flight simulator
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 22
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KevinTsai First Officer

Just wondering how many people use addons on their flightsim. What's the majority?

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Ultimate Traffic, FSP, and load of freeware textures for IFDG Airbus and some other ones.

Thinking about buying PMDG though. 😉

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KevinTsai First Officer

just took my vote.

Air-Head Guest

I dont really counts as im a guest... 😀 BUT....

Purchased FS2004 in November last year, and since then I have downloaded a few freebies mainly airbus.

An recently got given the Abacus Airbus fleet (payware) addon, and after my initial dislikes, I actually now thoroughly enjoy flying most models and especially the A340-600, in Virgin Atlantic livery, and using the FMC and Navigation Display, I havent needed to open the GPS unit yet. 🙂

Seems slightly underpowered i.e. not a great initial climb rate, but I undrestand the real life flyer is much the same. (so im told).

Im not sure id pay for it, but its a great addon... IMO.

So in summary my vote would have been a YES... lol... sorry for rest of waffle.... 🙄

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omgttfs Trainee

a mix or pay & freeware for me
FS Global for my terrain mesh. (my only payware)
I also bought FS Scene, but it screwed up a lot of ground textures, so I uninstalled it.
VOZ (3.0) which is without doubt, the best freeware available....anywhere.
VOZ ai package...again, brilliant.
Enviroment Pro.
Mountains of freeware aircraft, my favourite being the 737-experience with fully functional VC and autoland feature.

I strongly recommend VOZ to anyone. It is intended for flights over Australia, but it is so damn pretty, I use it everywhere.

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Welshflyer Captain

Don't think there's much default stuff left on mine.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Most of my addons are aircraft, both payware and freeware. Which of the two takes up more space I've no idea and don't think I'll start counting soon. Just checked my Aircraft directory: 28.8 GB - 5,082 Folders.

And I'm still installing... 😁

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Charles Brooks (cbpro) Trainee

I like em all! I switch from rotary to fixed constantly. Haven't tried the huge 380 just yet but I have downloaded it along with several hundred other files (maybe one day will get around to installing...) Sticking with FS9 since there's so many negatives about the big-X...


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DaFirmCEO Trainee

I was hot to trot and spend the bucks on FSX and of course was so upset to find out that I could not run it even half way smooth unless the settings were so far dulled down that it doesn't even make the simulation fun...

I now wish I had spent that $70 on Add-Ons for FS2004 I had so many Freeware add-ons on my FS2004 install and like a dummy I dumped it all when I installed FSX... Crying or Very sad

I am now have both installed and have almost got my FS2004 back to where it was prior to the FSX fiasco...

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TJbaron Trainee

What is this VOZ? Any idea where to get it?

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Nick (-Jester-) First Officer

Addons are what make this great game even better. At one time I had over 800 different aircraft, and over 60 extra scenery files...shees thats a little excessive.

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Welshflyer Captain

Voz is Vista Australis, a scenery addon covering the whole of Australia which is supposed to be amazing, i don't have it yet due to the huge download involved. Not sure where to find it, try typing Vista Australis in the search box, i think thats what i did to find the site! 😀

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DaFirmCEO Trainee

Try looking here:

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Charles Brooks (cbpro) Trainee

Thank you "DaFirmCEO" for the link to VOZ. This is amazing stuff! Can't believe it's freeware. Some of my payware addons are not near as good...

SIMMERS ARE GREAT PEOPLE!!! Everyone should check out the "Real vs FS9" video by Bob on the VOZ site... 😀

BTW - You really need broadband for the downloads. They are BIG.

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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

I have ALL UK2000 scenery add-ons, Most of Abacus and ome fly tampa!

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