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What joystick does everyone use in FS9??

I use a crappy £10 made by PCWorld. The throttle doesnt work properly, although increases in power can be done smoothly, pushing the joystick throttle up to max does not max the power on the aircraft, simarlarly idling the power on the joystick lever does not idle the power on the aircraft.

HAs anyone else had throttle issues with their joysticks? Can anyone recommend a good, not expensive stick to use with fs9?

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i use the saitek cyborg evo only issue i have had is it needs alot of calibrating but for flight sims its pretty good it has brakes.flaps.hat switch for diffrent views and throttle but more can be added. i want to get the ch yoke and pedals but for over £110 dont know if they are worth it

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I use the MS Sidewinder Pro USB but they have been discontinued and are hard to find although some are still available. (non force feedback)
I always figure that MS will make their hardware to recognize their software so I also have their gamepad and steering wheel.


TehCookie Guest

Saitek Cyborg is a nice 1... I have the ThrustMaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro, USB. It is an excellent joystick, I got it off of Ebay BRAND NEW, for only 20 Bucks american, and with shipping+ tax, it came to 30 bucks canadian. If you can find 1 off ebay, then GO FOR IT! It won't let you down.

6 action buttons + trigger

8-way hat-switch

Twisting handle with locking mechanism

Adjustable handle resistance

Sliding thumb throttle

Comfortable enlarged hand rest

Stable weighted base with non-slip rubber pads

Up to 56 programmable functions

Digital Integration™ technology for unprecedented control and accuracy in games

USB connection for instant playability

Also check out the ThrustMaster HOTAS Cougar, it has the VERY same design as the F-16!! I'm sure it's very expensive, tho....

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😀 MS Sidewinder usb (pro Dont Know whats the diff?)

Make sure you calibrate it in fs9/settings

When I calibrate mine the throttle display shows that with the throttle lever down(off) its at half throttle,but works ok in the sim 😕

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I used to use the freedom cordless, but I recently bought the CHS flight sim yoke and pedals 👍 Expensive but way cool

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anyone know of a joystick that has a trim wheel?

I find it irritating that i have to keep using the keyboard to maintain level flight/consistent climb rates.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I use MS Force Feedback 2. I bought it YEARS ago and it's still one of their best selling joysticks today. The forces make the flights that much more realistic, and it is definitly sturdy. I like the twisting rudder action too. It doesn't have a trim-wheel, but it has 2 buttons right under your thumb to adjust it. The POV hat makes it very easy to adjust the views without moving your hand from the controls. It's true, it done'st have many buttons so you are fairly anchored to your keyboard, but very few controllers would have enough buttons to keep that from happening.

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I still use the old MS Sidewinder 3D Pro (gameport). It has an 8 position hat, 8 buttons and accommodates my needs nicely. I asssigned the two buttons on the side of the stick for trimming up/down. That works for me. 😀

And I used to have landing gear and flaps assigned to buttons on the base of the Sidewinder, but after I started experiencing the gear and flaps auto-initiating, I returned control of those functions to the keyboard.

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Redjay, the CH yoke has a trim wheel, also two rocker buttons that I use for trim. One for elevator trima the other for rudder.

Tweeks Guest

which joystick do you think is better? Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro Shock or Saitek Cyborg Gold USB Twist-action reversible Joystick

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