Denali Base Camp Mission

lpchava Guest

I did the Denali Base Camp Mission, but once I landed at the base camp I can't full stop the plane because it is always sliping on the snow and, of course I can't taxi it and leave the supplies. How can I do that?

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anonymouse91 First Officer

I don't know anything about that mission but try using the autobrake on 3 or max.

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JLangevin First Officer

The Denali Base Camp mission I believe uses a DC3... hense, no auto brake.

Bugs Bunny Guest

Probably you're landing at a high speed or downhill... try to land it with full flaps and make sure you're not at a high speed and try to fly around the area first till you find a good landing spot.

lpchava Guest

Thanks, the plane is a Maule son it doesn't have autobrake and hte landing spot is on the mountains where there are no runaway.

If anyone can send me another advice, I'll appreciate.

Bugs Bunny Guest

the mission has the Maule JLangevin , but anyway I don't think the maule has the autobrakes neither plus you land it on snow, so don't think brakes do anything really 😛

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JLangevin First Officer

Oh thats right! I was thinking of the Africa Supplies Mission...

I do not have Deluxe, therefor, i do not have that mission or aircraft... but isnt there some sort of "drag" device equipped with the Maule for snow sleds? Meaning... some sort of a brake that can be deployed to increase drag on the snow?

Bugs Bunny Guest

well I think it should but I don't know much about landing on snow ... done the mission once and never touched it again lol

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rowcoach First Officer

there are a couple ways to fix it. First of all, you're supposed to land with your skis down. Once you come to a 'stop', turn parallel to the slop and bring the skis up so it is just your wheels down on the snow. That should help. Try coming in real slow and if you can and try to land up hill. It took me a couple times to get it right. First couple times I went straight into the tents and had to start over. The plane will stop eventually.

pilotenPost Guest

When you've landed at the base camp [uphill...] retract skies to stay put. brakes on. The skieing is an event in itself you've got to use power to be able to steer. after landing try to find the most flat even place you can. Same goes for the rest of the adventure. Don't forget your mixture, climb in wide circles to gain altitude an not aswel get to far away from where you want to be...take your time doing this.

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