Pushback Vehicle?

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Why is that when I select Shift P for pushback, the plane moves by itself? There is no vehicle visable pushing it?

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It really depends on your graphics.

If you can set you scenery to very dense (I think) you should be able to see them.

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Michaelvg1 First Officer

That's odd. I think it is set pretty high, but I will confirm tonight.
Oh well, hopefully, I will be able to max out everything when SP1 comes out later this week.

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Sometimes there are no pushback vehicles at all; especially at the fuel station. It depends on if your airport(s) has them. To be honest there are many planes that doesn't require a pushback...their thrust reversers are good enough to get a good rollback far enough to turn around.

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Michaelvg1 First Officer

I guess that's true too.

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bawls327 Captain

gundamwzero said it. I had my graphics on like highest and there aint always a pushback vehicle. So it does depend what airport you at.

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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

You may find this tutorial from our knowledge section helpful:

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