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Hi, i read the post puchback vehicle, and i d/loaded it. its pretty cool, except one thing-you cant actually puchback an aircraft!!! do you know if there is any freeware addon that is either a puchback tug alone, or an aircraft that has a pushback tug that you can actually connect up to the aircraft and puch back?


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actually, all that means is that when you puch 'Shift+P' it has an animated pushback tug that apears at the plane and puches it back. you cant actually push back the plane your self and operate the tug 😞

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Here's one, it's the 4th one down on the right. File: BAe 146QT /AVRO RJ-100

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actually, i dont think u can actually drive that tug and actually control the tug and drive it and attach to the plane and push back. that is just an animated scenery thing that when you press 'Shift+P' a tug apears until you stop the push. you cant actually control the tug. its just part of the plane 😞

well, thanks for all your help

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