Boeing 757-300

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Came across this by accident (i'm a taildragger) - thought it might be of interest to the 'big' boys.

B-757-300 continental airlines liverie, features:very detailed reflect model and textures, full animated: flaps, spilers, rolling wheels and turning front wheel, rolling blades, ailerons, tail, thrust reverse, transparent cockpitwindow with pilots inside, night lights, accurate flight dinamics,virtual cockpit, custom engine and enviroment sounds, custom cockpit with full functions: Y/D, APU, fire extintors, custom cockpit voices, functional electrical and hidraulic sistems, warning lights and voices, full overhead panel with all sistems working, not just dummies, air conditioner controls, pressure controls and many more working sistems, and the most relevant feature: the working TACAS with near traffic warning and near ground advisor, simply the best of the web in a single pack, enjoy discovering how to fly this amazing bird.(all custom gauges are included and autoinstall utility you wont have to spend time copying and pasteing gauges and modules and other things that can make you confuse, just click install and thats it)

The voices are very good and the selectable fault panel looks interesting.

and the full screen panel -

at -

Of course it may be old hat to the 'big boy fraternity' so I may be wasting your time and mine 😉

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michlin First Officer

Thank you, davec. I am downloading it now.

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coolsan First Officer

So, I was really happy to download a plane with a working TCAS but I can't make it work.
There seem to be some hidden buttons around the TCAS display, two of them don't do anything and the third one gets the TCAS into test mode and it stays like that.
I can't find a way to turn it on... 🤔
Help needed

By the way, what happened to the "I'm with stupid" emoticon?

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Sorry Coolsan - my knowledge of big jets is absolutely zilch - it was the a/c's appearance that caught my eye and thought that some of the big jet flyers might like it - but no doubt one of the big jet boys will put you right= where are you FEM?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Hit the HSI icon and a small window will open
The left hand knob is distance,(from you)middle knob is display mode and the right one Dont Know

but other aircraft do show on the display

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Alas, you call for help, and I'm in the dark as to what to tell you. I use all my jets from Delta VA. I have a 757-200, but I use the Greg737 panel for it, as well as most of my other twinnies

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tomthetank Chief Captain

FEM The Greg panel is very good (I used it for a fair time) but have a look at this one " " and a patch for it " "

If you go to Avsim and search for Boeing in fs2004 panels they are on about page 4

There is a pic here 2nd one down ➡

If you miss the cabin calls from the greg panel,you can add them to the new panel(see the buttons top left)
Its easy as you have the sound files on your h/drive

Let me know

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coolsan First Officer

I opened the HSI panel but nothing seems to happen. I moved the knobs, including the unkown one but TCAS remains off.

I'm need of further assistance...

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Oops! The other aircraft was ME Embarassed

there is not a TCAS fuction on this panel Crying or Very sad

There is a read me in the aircraft folder and a few new functions(a green arc is one,which shows yo where you will level off)

Sorry I got a little carried away

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coolsan First Officer

The TCAS Display has four hidden click spots that are sensitive to both left and right mouse clicks:

1- cycles the TCAS mode selector between the modes TEST, STBY (standby: not displayed), XPDR (transponder only: not displayed), TA, and RA;
2- cycles the TCAS forward range between 6, 12, 18, 24, and 40nm;
3- cycles the TCAS "other" vertical range control between BLW (below), N (normal: hidden), and ABV (above); and
4- toggles the TCAS altitude display between relative (blank, +/- two-digit altitudes) and absolute (own flight level, three digit flight levels).

I just want to comment that TCAS only kinda works, as I just crashed into an MD88 in midair above New York.
It turns yellow showing that other traffic is near and it tells you so, but it never turned red before I crashed or told me to pull up or descend.....I was hoping it would do so.

As always (and even though you were of no help Ha Ha ) thanks for your input TTT

One last question, does anyone know what's the difference between Traffic Advisory (TA) and Resolution Advisory (RA) modes in TCAS.

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