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I have a 17" LCD monitor by Samsung (SyncMaster 710N) and Radeon9600 graphics card.Got the latest drivers for the monitor as well for the graphics card.
I can get full screen only when I set the game resolution (in the game options) to 800x600.If I set the resolution to higher than that then each time the full screen gets smaller and smaller.
With the highest possible option I have a nice little square (it is working and everything, just that it's very small) in the middle of my screen all surrounded by black unused space.
Any help is much appreciated.

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Do you have DirectX 9.0c and SP1 installed. You know that if you press "Alt" the screen goes from full mode to Window mode.
Have you always had this problem or did it happen when you changed video drivers. Do any other games play at a higher resolution.
What resolution do you keep your desktop at.
That's a good brand monitor it should give you a larger window.


sonnu Guest

Yes, I have DirectX 9.0C and Windows XP SP 2.The Sims 2 ran just normally with the same drivers.I've tried to patch it and then to unpatch, no difference.

sonnu Guest

with a resolution of 1280x1024

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What ATI drivers are you using?

Go to/ start/run/type in dxdiag/hit ok/ and see how you card performs with the tests and which number driver it has listed.

Let us know how you do.


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Interesting, take a look at "Pixel Sharp" and see if it will help.
I've never had an LCD I use a 22" CRT.\



I have been having the same issue, with a different system.
19 " Viewsonic, ATI 9500 pro softmodded to 9700 with latest Omega drivers. P4 2.8 512mb ram
Runs everything else fine at 1280X960X16. Nascar 2003 gets 80-100 fps with this system, with most things turned on.
Doesn't seem right that I would have to re-size the screen everytime I decided to run Fs9. Been searching the forums for a week, also checked Microsoft. I did fail to mention the Vid card is a 128 mb.
Any help would be appreciated.

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