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I'm just in the process of buying a new PC and viewing all the addons for FSX i'm seriously wondering if it's worth the bother at the moment. From what i've seen so far FSX offers nothing to give me that feeling that i've "just got to have it" if you know what i mean? Apart from the water textures (that someone is now working on a set for FS9 that compares to FSX, and with a few more tweaks will be it's equal) i see no point in upgrading!I know you can have animals running around on the ground and whatnot, but if you are a fast jet flyer like myself, is there really that great a difference? I don't want to upset anyone here but i'd rather have an FS9 that looks and runs superb than an FSX that's mediocre,please don't crucify me i've already made one apology tonight and one a year is my limit 😀 !

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I agree with you Welshflyer, I will get FSX one day(after SP2 or 3 or 4 🙂 ) but for now, I'm enjoying the trouble free operation of FS9.

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So why post your gripe in the FSX forum? 😕 Clearly this is for FS9 or something like that......

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GundamWZero wrote:

So why post your gripe in the FSX forum? 😕 Clearly this is for FS9 or something like that......

This was'nt a gripe but just merely an observation inviting opinions as to whether it was worth me purchasing FSX at the moment, you grumpy git 😀 . No offence!

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Yah I would recommend getting it, but keep your FS9 also and do some comparisons between the two. Seems that right now, FS9 will run smoother and with many more addons being available (the latter being the reason I am reluctant to retire it, in favour of FSX). I do find the flight characteristics much better in FSX, as well as the overall "reality" feel, thanks to improved scenery/autogen/dark skies at FL600 etc. Plus, with SP1 installed, it seems to run a lot faster, so peformance isn't as much of an issue as before (unless you feel the need to max every setting).

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I did what crjcapt did I think. I got fsx and of course only ran on medium low scenery and even with the sp1 which helped alot still got some skipping here and there so I just decided to go to fs9 where I just max everything out and there is more scenery, aircraft downloads etc. I think I will stick with fs9 until I win the lottery and get a new computer.

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