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I'm thinking of buying the "A340 Proffessional" CD.
I nearly always fly the big jets IFR (VOR-VOR) I tend to stay in the cockpit during the flight so the panel and the Virtual Cockpit are important to me.
I tend to not use the GPS much however would like to see it in there.
Also what callsigns does the ATC use to these jets?

Do you recommend I get it?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Go to and under the "CP Issues" tab, you'll find a downloadable sample section. If you browse through them, I remember reading one that was an excellent review of the A340 professional. I personally spend most of my time in boeings and in PMDG's 737NG (fantastic plane) and the article certainly convinced me not to buy the A340. It discussed how the airbus systems generally work counter-intuitively compared to a boeing's systems, which makes the learning curve that much steeper. But hey, if you get it, let me know how it is!

spuddi Guest

I've had a look at the article, cheers for that.

I think I will get it.
I like the fact that it does things completely differently, it means more learning and i'll have another string to my bow.

I'll probably wait till chrimbo as work is crazy at the mo.

has anyone else bought this?

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain


I'm a major Big Jet flyer - about 90% of my Sim time.... I have the A340 Pro from PSS / Just Flight and I think it's great.

The systems are entirely different to Boeing but I certainlt wouldn't agree they are "counter-intuitive"... they are just different.

It's a highly technological plane and the add-on reflects this but it's not hard to learn.

Key differences are that with the Autothrottles on the Throttle lever moves to fixed PRESET positions for each phase of flight....

Tthe FMC is good as are all of the systems... this was the first plane I learned to do a CAT III Autoland in.

It's is not as advanced as the PMDG 737NG add-on, or the 747 RFP but it is nevertheless better than any of the default jets.... you also get lots of liveries and lots of versions.

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