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I've got PSS A340 Pro. I'm running 9.1 and so have loaded the latest fsuipc.dll 3.4.5 but i'm getting a problem.

I know that you've got to start in a default aircraft first so that it all works properley so heres the deal.

I start the flight in a default boeing. I start the boeing up (Shift M, Ctrl E) and then switch across to the airbus. Everything works fine (the ATC and the lights)
I'm happy as a proverbial pig in the brown stuff.

I start the flight in a default boeing. I don't start the boeing up . I switch across to the airbus. i start it using the proper procedure (apu, apu bleed.. engine start, etc). After about 5 minutes into the flight the external lights disapear and the ATC stops working. And I cannot seem to get it back.
I switch back to the boeing and the atc comes back to life, and then back to the airbus, the atc again cuts out working after another 5 Minutes.

Is it something I'm forgetting to hit on the Airbus? Is it a bug? Is it an issue with the fsuipc.dll?

Any thoughts?

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It sounds like you're starting with a cold & dark cockpit with everythng off except the engines. In this configuraion the battery switches will be on but the generators will be off. If you run the aircraft without the generators on you'll depele the batteries.

Best thing to do is a complete manual start (I love that 🙂 ) and it isn't difficult to do. Make sure it's all set up to start (I can't go into it here or I'd be typing for a long time), start the APU, APU bleed air on, APU generator on, start the engines. Once engines are running switch the engine generators on, then disconnect the APU bleed air and generator and power it down.

spuddi Guest

That might be it. I have not been switching on the engine generators.

I'll give it a try tonight.

Does anyone have a full startup procedure for the pss a340 pro?

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horrgakx First Officer

I think it is in the PDF docs (which you'll find under Start > Programs > JustFlight... or whatever).
As you say, have a look later. If you can't suss it post back.

spuddi Guest

I had a nosey last night. The engine generators seemed to be already selected. (if I preesed the buttons they went to off postion). but I was still getting the same issue.
then I had another look on the forum, they had added the fix for this to their FAQ since i last looked, it is:

go to the aircraft.cfg, search for section {electrical} and add the line


Done this, now its sorted. woohoo

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