SP1 Benchmark: What Frame rate are you getting?


I'm really curious what kind of performance people are getting under SP1 with different configurations (especially dual & quad core setups).

In order to accurately compare FPS, how about a benchmark test where everyone takes off from the same place with the same settings?

Try taking off Seatac Airport (KSEA) with all detail sliders set to 75% @ 1280x1024 resolution. Measure the speed on the runway and then at 10,000 feet.

Here's my results:
12 FPS at take off
34 - 42 FPS at 10,000 ft

My Specs
Vista 32Bit
AMD 4400+ Dual Processor
2GB Memory
8800 GTX OC Graphics card

What are you getting?

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NSX Guest

Here's my result at max general detail, no AA, 1280x1024, aircraft detail high, scenery medium high, weather: simple clouds, and traffic medium.

My system:
AMD Athlon 2.1 Ghz
1024 MB RAM
128 MB Nvidia Geforce4 MX 440

At Rotterdam(EHRD) and Amsterdam(EHAM) around 12-15 FPS on ground and 20-25 in air:

It's not the most amazing thing you see here but SP1 gave me the ability to finally play this sim with quite good results considering my system 😀

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JLangevin First Officer

Ill let the pic do the talking.

|-E6300 Core2Duo Overclocked @ 3.43ghz
|-Alienware Liquid Cooling Solution
|-4gigs DDR2-800 Patriot Extreme Overclocked to 990mhz
|-Gigabyte P965-DS3 v3.3
|-NVidia 7600GTKO (Magical Version with pixie dust)
|-SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Special Edition
|-2xSamsung Optical DVD Lightscribe burners
|-2xSeagate Baracuda 160gig SATA2 Drives
|-Lots and lots of tuning and tweaking of hardware


JLangevin is your aircraft supposed to have a white door?

Pro Member First Officer
JLangevin First Officer

It always has...

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jetman35 First Officer

My setup is rockin. My FPS are peaking at around 205 from time to time with most of the settings maxed out. SP1 really improved my rig big time. I am averaging around 100 fps set to unlimited.

my 2 cents

fsxfreak Guest

I get about 30-40 fps. Here are my specs:

1 Gig RAM
Intel Core Duo T2300
Windows XP

Sliders to max

alastairgm Guest

Um... I think some people here have Vsync OFF & some ON

I get much higher frame rates with it off but get sever screen tearing, can I get rid of this somehow, I have an LCD


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