Max altitude in FS2004 compared to FSX?

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Im curious, what is the max altitude in FSX. In flight simulator 9 its only 99000 feet, can you go any higher in FSX?

Also, can you fly directly over the north/south pole in FSX, or do they have the same problem as in FS9, where you hit an invisible wall.

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Karlw Captain

I never knew there was a invisable wall and yes you can fly much much higher in fsx I think the max altitude is 9,999,999 feet it might be higher

Cheers 😀

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JLangevin First Officer

Ive personally gotten to 2,000,000 ft before getting board and just inputting the altitude in the MAP... I do not remember the height that I was at, but I did see the entire world on the screen... so it was quite high, Funny though... the moon didnt look any bigger Wink

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The reason it didnt look any bigger, is the moon is about 356 000 kilometers from the earth. While at 2 million feet above the earth, you are only 609 kilometers above the earth. So you are not really much closer in the big scheme of things.

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JLangevin First Officer

I was just being sassy when I said that Wink


The max. altitude in FSX is 100,000,000 ft.

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

You can fly over the north and south pole. There are airstrips in antartica.

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anonymouse91 First Officer

What is the best aircraft to go at high altitudes? (except the Space Shuttle)

My friend and I just did a flight online where we flew in Lockheed Martin F-16's to see how high we could get. I reached about 85,000 ft before the plane slowed down to 140kts and became unstable.

It was fun though diving down, having the plane shake violently while it beeped 'Overspeed!' 😀

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couger Trainee

I have taken the blackbird to around 250 000ft. it becomes very hard to fly and your doing about 2600kts on the gps or mac 4.5. great fun getting up there it climes so quickly, the plane reacts totaly different at that alt.

William73 Guest

Get the X-15 at Max stable flight is 325,000ft. I have gotten it up to just over mach 5.

Savageagle Guest

the max altitude limit is 9,999,999 for any vehicle. At that altitude you cannot get any forward speed. Input the altitude data into the map to get that high. The earth is very small and seems i wasn't the only onbect up there. I had various dots around me. Not satelites though. Just for fun. I'd hate to wait in slew mode to get that high.

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