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Hello! I just installed the Stratojet Chronos Jet and the afterburners only come on when I switch my lights on. If I am idling and hit the lights, the afterburner will still come on. What I want is when at full throttle, the afterburner will then come on, not with hitting lights button. This is happening with other planes of mine also. How do I make this happen, thanks!

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The read-me that came with the download should explain it.
If not try either the "I" or the "/" keys when you are at top speed.


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isn't the afterburner controlled by a xml gauge or something that you put into the gauge folder???????? and therefore is designed that way to come on with the strobe light?
I think i got one for a F16 viper, that really came out of a jaguar one, that came on with full throttle only, and just used that one, and had to follow its instructions on how to add or configure something to use the new gauge insted of the old one. i don't remember cuzz its been awhile since i messed with afterburners 😕

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don't u press shift+f4

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