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I have no idea how to install FS9 panels into FSX, as it never works, and this is the only free B777 panel for FSX I have seen. I did all there was to do... put the gauges in the main gauge folder, put the sound in the main sound folder and put the panel folder in my aircraft. When I loaded it up, there was only blank black spaces where the instruments, altimeter, autopilot etc should be!!! Can someone tell me where did I go wrong? Any help is appriciated. Thanks! 😀
You can download the panel from here (but u have to be a member of flightsim. com, which should be easy...):

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I don't see a file called fsfsconv in the airplanes folder...but thanks for the sites... still trying to figure out how to install it.

make one Guest

they used ta have one in fs2000,
so in fs2002 they didn't have one so ya made one.
inside tha main aircraft folder. fs2004 went back to it i think or i added one(i forget) anyways,
and you aliased sound or panel to whatever 😀


thanks guys... I got it working!!! 🙂) thanks for the help radarman!!! this is the best part about the FS community...helping each other out! 😀


hi guys its' me.
for some reason, my radio stack, throttle quadrant, overhead panel have stopped showing!😞 now they are just black boxes. My main panel is working fine though.

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