How realistic is FSX weather ?


How realistic is FSX weather ?

can you get into trouble flying into a storm ?

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good read, even though this was written on FS2004.

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well then download a lil thingy that you add to yer panel?!
so you can see were the storms are and were it will allow you to penatrate thru a hole between the storms!!! 😂

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I've tried all sorts of variations of clouds & visibility, and still cannot get a good menacing-looking T-storm in FSX. Funny thing is, in FS9 it was a bit better (the cloud effects for cumulonimbus), and in FS8 there was an addon that made T-storm skies look like the end of the world! Lastly, even with ActiveSky operating, the storm visuals remain pathetic. Evil or Very Mad

realworldweather Guest

😞 I think that jeppsen up to the minute real world weather is simply great!!!!

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I still think that Microsoft Developers should include a 'random' weather option for the chosen season, i.e. snow storms in winter, lightning storms in summer.
This way it throws you a challenge t will. That would be great.

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