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Can you stop the engines on the installed FS9 aircraft? I have a sheet with all the short cuts and it says to cut throttle is F1 but it doesn't work. I start at the end of the runway if that makes a difference.


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Load your default Cessna. On your 2D panel at the bottom you'll find the Avionics Master Switch - turn it off.
Further to the left there are two red Master Alt Bat Switches - turn them off.
In the left corner is the Magnetos Switch - turn it all the way to the left.

That's it. All your aircraft will now be cold and dark.

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Thats great!! Thanks but when i load another aircraft the engine is running on start again??? Maybe i'm doing summat wrong?? I'll have another go tomorrow when i have more time.

Thanks for the advise, at least i can stop the engines now 🙂

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😀 Do everything that Tailhook said but then save this as your default flight, then everytime you start a flight your engines will be off!

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What Welsh said...

further to that... when you are done and parked... Control Shift F1... that shuts all engines off.

I make it a habit when flying my airbuses... start cold and dark... end cold and dark.

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Aaah, my sheet says F1 to turn engines off. That will explain that then! he he.

Thanks guy's

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