Do Scenery Add Ons slow down screen refresh rate?

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Interested in buying some Uk and Europe scenery add-on packs, but wondered if they will slow down my pc's screen refresh rate?

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Some do, you'll have to research it to see what others have to say.
Most add on scenery is more graphic intensive than default so you will take a FPS hit.


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It also depends what type of scenery. If you're looking at VFR photo-realistic scenery, there's a chance it could actually run quicker. When using VFR scenery, a lot of people also switch off autogen scenery as it doesn't always fit well with the new scenery, which will give you an improvement in performance.


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ok guys i was wondering if there are any good cool runway effects or textures. like if you land you get skid marks on the runways. ive had 1 plane that did it and it looked so cool. also does fs2004 scenery work really well in fsx because i want to get some really nice scenery for fsx and if it does work can anyone suggest any. thank you.

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