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I have downloaded a few planes from varies places like project opensky and meljet and i notice that when u go to the fuel and payload settings that white and black circle is right at the front of the aircraft making it hard to take off and impossible to land even if you empty all the payload it is still at the front how can i change this?

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😕 Im not sure what you are descibing ❓

Which aircraft?


i've had it on a few airlines. basically all the weight is at the front of the plane so u can't pull the nose up when u try to land. 767 from project opensky and my south african KH738 and a few others.

Elkin Guest

Right. I fly the posky 742's and it is the way it is. You must load the fule and payload in a manner to where the CG is as far aft as you can get it!!!!! Even then, it is still past the forward line a little. But it flies with perfect qualities.

Elkin Guest

Oh yeah!!! sometimes it will load the fuel in a way where one wing is empty!!!! This is a easy thing to see because the aircraft is resting on one wing. The CG indicator is off in the program. You can load the aft of the aircraft leaving the forward portion empty and the CG indicator will show a forward CG. But when you go to the aircraft, it will be sitting on it's tail!!!

I worked my AC CFG and fixed it.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Ignore it, because it will have no effect on the simulation at all. At least on mine, i can load them any way i wish, and no matter what it says, it flies just fine!


hhhhm ok thanks guys 😂 i'll have a look see what i can do

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