question about fs2004 on vista...

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i've been running fs2004 on vista for about 3 months now and so far havn't had any issues except i can only play the game in full screen without the toolbar at top, if i try to view it the game continues but the screen freezes, it also freezes if i change the screen size...any help would be much appreicated!

i am running the resolution at 1680x1050 and thats what windows is running at too since i have a 20" wide screen monitor.

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What are your system specs, it takes a lot to run Vista.
Check and see that you have the latest video drivers not the old beta ones.


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don't get me wrong the game plays just fine with no lag or anything but i can only play in full screen mode with no task bar at top, if i try to change it, the game freezes completelt untill i change it back, i get tired of hitting alt whenever i need anything off the taskbar at top.

here are my pc specs:
300 gb hd
Intel duo core 6400 @ 2.13 ghz
2046 mb ram
Nvidia Gforce 7300 LE

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Your machine is more than adequate.
Vista and FS9, difficult to say what the problem is.
Try new video drivers if they have any.
Clean out the old ones first.


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