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FS2004 and PSU burnout??

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First post so be gentle with me!! Been keeping an eye on this forum for a while and must admit learned a lot of things on how to fly from quite a lot of knowledgeable guys (and gals) out there.

In order to obtain better graphics I upgraded my graphics card today to the Geforce fx 5700 oc card and when installed (with the correct drivers) booted up FS and went for the scenery dawn flight over hong kong. After flying around for a while decided to land at Hong Kong international and partway into the descent my pc just crashed, dead, no life, nothing....

After hacking bits off my older pc concluded that the PSU had blown so have replaced with the one from my old machine and I'm back in the land of the living.

Scared to reboot FS now so my questions are :

Anybody else heard of anything like this?
Does it matter which PSU I have running with the new graphics card I 've got?

I know this is not true FS related questions, hence sticking it in here.


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Both the p/s and fans have quite a bit to do with your video card and crashing.

The new line of video cards run very hot that's why the put fans on them, insuffient fans.
If you carefully read the specs on the card they specify larger (I've seen 480w) p/s's.
Get the best (Antec) p/s you can afford and the highest wattage.
You can help yourself now by adding a fan in the rear of your computer case, I did and I also added a PCI fan next to my card. If you can place one in front that's ideal, pulling in cool air.
By the way most if not all (Dell, Gateway) put 250w p/s in their machines, very inadequate for today's cards and many USB peripherals that drain them.


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Thanks for the swift response, it's appreciated. Have ordered a new psu, had a 300w in their (the one that blew), thought that would have been enough.

Just grateful I didn't blow the mobo or cpu!!!

Thanks again.


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Fs9 is a mighty power hungry program,not only graphics but cpu aswell
A 300 watt supply should be ok
I ran a program which measures the temp of vital components whilst running fs9 and then Farcry........Fs9 ran the cpu the hardest and hottest,and drew more power from the supply

Do'es your graphics card require an extra power lead?

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No it doesn't have a separate power supply all it says on the box is you need a min of 240w power which I had.

Think it maybe cos I had everything turned up high and the psu couldn't take it.

Have ordered a 500w now so I'll stand back when I plug that one in!!!

Thanks for your note on how hot things can get in there..


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